Those days are gone when people used to think interior design is only about choosing the right fabrics and colour to use. Now due to urbanization and interchange of culture, more and more people realize the importance of interior designing that has emerged as an essential aspect of all commercial as well as the residential architecture. A diligent interior design aids in creating an aesthetically appealing space that is both functional and efficient.

Over the last few years, India has seen significant changes concerning the lifestyle and employment. A good lifestyle starts with well-designed home and Indians now days like their home to be more luxurious and comfortable. This is one of the indispensable reason for the development of interior designing industry in India.

However all the cities in India do not have the same perspective regarding interior design. For instance interior design industry is more evolved in Mumbai than in Kolkata. There are multiple reasons behind it, but the most crucial of all are:

Economy – Mumbai is the richest city in India with high purchasing power and home ownership rate. Furthermore in Mumbai there are more placements for miscellaneous professions. In general Mumbai offers more employment opportunities than Kolkata and hence the residents in Mumbai are developing a taste of high-end lifestyle and spending money on interior design of their homes to make them unique, well equipped and serve as a reflection of their personality.

Influence of cosmopolitan culture – Mumbai is referred to as the cosmopolitan city of India which emphasizes cultural exchange and provides people of one culture with the opportunity to learn from others. Moreover because of the booming entertainment and fashion industry. They are also experiencing an influence of different cultures and lifestyles.

Quality of life – Mumbai score above Kolkata in quality of life with more nightclubs, art theatres, fancy restaurants, libraries sprawling all over the city. In order to attract more customers, the owners of these recreational spaces find it important to hire interior designers to make the place more aesthetically functional and comfortable.

Mumbai has kept pace with the growing civilization, both Indian and foreign in the field of interior designing and also plays a vital role in influencing other cities in regard to the potential of this field in the upcoming years.

Mumbai and Kolkata may not be neck and neck with respect to economy and facilities but several measures can be taken for proper recognition of interior design in Kolkata. For example interior firms from different parts of the country as well as from Kolkata can conduct several workshops and seminars to make the native people well informed about this field of design that improves the user experience by proper management of the space available.

Many times home owners avoid spending money on the interior designing of their home, thinking it to be more expensive but they end up investing more time and money figuring out what and how to install correctly. A good interior designer must keep all décor options open for the client of different financial status to avail. Interior designers should be well versed with the best materials fittings and furniture that one can afford with one’s current budget and also helps to avoid costly renovations and remodelling in future.

Another step can be taken to build an association with interior designers and building contractors or promoters for expanding the possibilities and ensuring the identification and acceptance of this field among the population.

Only designing the interior of the building is not enough, maintaining its beauty for a long run should also be taken care of. Interior design ensures easy maintenance and less damage and also increases the comfort and elegance with the functionality of life. In short it makes the life more livable.

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