Introduction: No matter what may be the architecture style, climate responsive architecture is one of the basic which should be incorporated in all types of design because of the following factors

1. To the context

It helps to blend the design of the building with region’s weather patterns which include factors like- intensity of sun, seasonality, wind, rainfall and humidity. Contextual concept of any building is highly appreciated as it is basically means adaptation and provides uniqueness with the contextual reference. Context provides reference to Architectural style, building material selection and site layout which are considered to be vital in designing effective building. Context acts as bridge between the building and local circumstances.

To create any good building design, it is very important to analyse the local context which is broadly be classified as:

  • Microclimate,
  • Topography,
  • Natural habitat of a site, and
  • Material

One of the best example of context with respect to material and patterns is the Pink city in Jaipur, India. Jaipur has been popularised with name pink city because of its colour of stone which is used for construction of all structures.

2. It creates comfortable interior

As the design is well thought and mimic the environmental characteristics, it results creating comfort to the users and healthy environment.

3. Cost effective

Using of vernacular architecture and local materials makes it cost effective because it reduces transportation cost, materials cost and maintenance cost. It reduces the building’s reliance on artificial energy.

4. Less maintenance

The characteristics of materials matches with the surrounding which needs less maintenance or easily can be maintained by local labours.

5. Sustainability

It doesn’t harm the environment. Further, it aims to serve the future as well.

Conclusion : The factors of Climate Responsive Architecture is needed to be considered prior to any design of building to create unique designs which helps in sustainability of environment to create a better future of the world. Do comment that which factor is most effective and also factors involved in your house design or any building you like.

Blog Written by – Ar. Dipjyoti Mech

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