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Everyone wants the Home interiors looking breathtakingly gorgeous but not everyone can afford to. Don’t worry we are here to help you to make your home interior looks Exquisite with little or no money. Here are some tips that will guide you towards your perfect home


Group books together and intersperse them with accent pieces. An interesting arrangement like this catches the eye and looks so much better than the standard way of showcasing books and accent pieces separately.


Clean up your crockery and arrange them by function —plates, cups, glasses, cutlery etc. You can even group them by colour. This is a great way of using daily objects to give your kitchen a neat and stylish look.


Move your furniture towards the centre of your room to create an intimate setting. You can use the space behind the sofa for decorating in many ways. If you don’t have room to move your furniture, ensure that the front legs of all the furniture in the room is positioned on the rug. This helps ground the space.


Make space on a shelf where you can proudly display your collectibles. It can be old alcohol bottles, a toy collection, travel knick-knacks etc. Show off your passion!


Plants bring life. They should not be neglected in any way. They produce a sweet scent and a sense of the season.If you don’t want to use green plants, bring out your fruits and arrange them in a bowl or glass jars. Change the fruit with the season.

These inexpensive decorating Ideas are so easy to follow. Impress your Guests with minimal efforts. For more Home Decor Ideas do visit www.vikramdesignstudio.com

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