At Present, Office Design trends have progressed pervasively. To make employees comfortable and delighted, simultaneously to make employees more productive, Companies are looking for cozy and affordable office design Ideas. But changing your office is a challenging task. To assist you, we have come up with 10 appealing ideas in a great variety.

Add a suitable color to brighten up your workspace:- Colour is the most essential element to make your office designable. But before adding any color to your office, you have to be a bit conscious about it. Research suggests that Blue is a calming color. But color psychologist Angela Wright has found that despite the tranquil feelings, blue stimulates the mind. The combination of calming yet mentally stimulating may be why blue has been shown to increase productivity. The blue room improves productivity better than the red rooms and white rooms. In common areas, Blue is a good hue to use because it’s the most popular color among both men and women. Apart from blue, you have another great option to decorate your office and that is orange. Orange is also considered the best color to use in your office to boost productivity. Orange imparts the idea of activity, enthusiasm and endurance – three things that definitely improve productivity. 

Decorate your office with plants:- Researchers found that the presence of potted plants in the office reduces fatigue, stress and headaches among workers. Adding a touch of green to your workspace can create a healthier and happier work environment. Put the plants in the forwarding of the reception area so that guests, clients or employees can see the plants when they walk in. Plants bring a touch of outdoors and give natural and beautiful colors. Good decoration with plants can make a big difference to the style of your office.

Decorate the office with accurate lighting:- Good lighting is one of the most important elements of a well-designed office. Office lighting is one of the many determinants to an employee’s perception of the workplace and can enhance their performance as well as increase the aesthetic appeal of the office. There are many points to keep in mind if you are in charge of choosing and getting office lighting fixed. While the chosen lighting should not be too dull or dim and they should not be harsh in brightness, either – a harmony has to be found and maintained. Different areas of the office need separate kinds of lighting. Areas as conference rooms can use ambient lighting – not dim but less bright than work station lighting. Besides this, think over keeping table lamps as an option for those employees who would like more light at their desks. Further, depending on the layout of the office space, different types of lights may be needed, as overhead lights, floor lamps etc.

Bring Natural light:- Natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting during day-time hours, energy costs are lowered. Numerous studies have shown that natural light in the office improves employee satisfaction and productivity. So, before decorating your office, keep in mind that it has proper access to natural light. If you can afford a little renovation, implementing some glass walls can go a long way to helping natural light spread through the office rather than hitting the drywall of a closed room and staying trapped in there. Apart from that, you can add transom windows in your office. A transom window rests on a horizontal beam above a door frame or an already existing window. if you are looking for landscape products then Rajasthan lime Udyog is the finest place for you in Guwahati. with a world-class selection of the largest landscape products and showroom in Guwahati and northeast.

Flooring Options :

  1. Hardwood:- Hardwood floor is classic and adds elegance and style to any workspace. It’s easy to maintain with regular care. Modern hardwood floor finishes can help to protect from excessive damage and the wood can be refinished if needed.
  2. Carpet:- Carpet imparts a softer surface which makes it cozier. Different types of artistic carpets can add more elegance to your office interior design. It offers a lot of flexibility to fit your design and budget needs
  3. Ceramic tile:- Ceramic tile is also another good commercial flooring option. Ceramic tile offers warmth and comfort as well as durability. Like any other flooring material, ceramic tile can stain but a professional cleaner can treat spots and remove stains to restore the tile’s original look.

Modern Conference Room:- The design and layout of a conference room are important because it sets the framework for the work that takes place within it. First of all, a large conference room is perfect for department check-ins and client meetings. A more relaxed atmosphere in the conference room encourages collaboration, creativity and the flow of ideas. Elegant conference room chairs placed around a long table creates a modern meeting room setting. A conference table at a lower height, a supportive lounge chair can offer comfort for long meetings. Apart from that using interactive whiteboards enables you to deliver a more dynamic presentation. The most innovative type of display for any conference room design is an LED video wall. LED technology blows away any projector or monitor by displaying vibrant colors, from the brightest whites to the darkest black. In addition, LED video walls are low maintenance and energy-efficient. A functional conference room with a cozy interior design can boost the productivity and satisfaction of employees.

Lounge area:- One of the best ways to decorate your lounge area and make it appealing is by putting up contemporary wall-art and paintings throughout the space. These paintings can be wooden art pieces, traditional wall art and even abstract artworks. Besides, brighten up space by adding some colorful and cozy cushions. Decorate your lounge area with some beautiful and simple furniture to give the place a homely touch.

Put mirrors up:- Mirror plays an important role in office design for adding more style into it. Mirrors are considered a peculiar interior design element. To decorate your office elegantly, place a mirror at least four to five ft above the floor. Mirrors come in a great variety of sizes, shapes and styles. So, put it up as per your style and convenience. They can make your office more refined and professional and can make any type of space look bigger.It plays an important role in bringing positive energy and motivation, creating an aesthetic ambiance.

Well-designed Bookshelves:-  Office spaces look incomplete in the absence of Well-designed bookshelves. Elegant and stylish office bookshelves can add an aptitude of professionalism to your workspace. If you are pondering over spaces to fit your bookshelves into it then don’t worry. A well-designed bookshelf would be perfectly fit into a limited space in your office room. A bookshelf helps to organize your space and prevent clutter. With some creativity, they can be much more than just a functional item.

Antique furniture:- You must have heard that ‘Old is Gold’. Most of the interior designers give more importance to antique based interior designing. Antique furniture gives a sense of royals and one can simply never get enough of it. Besides, antique furniture is far more beautiful and elegant in comparison to modern ones in several ways. Though it would be a bit costly you can find it in a great variety and quality. Antique furniture serves as a reminder of our rich past. Adding this furniture to your office would be the most elegant way to make your office more artistic.

For us, interior designing is not merely a job of decorations of four walls with floor and ceiling; it’s a pair of several far more crucial elements that eventually result in the most significant functions and aesthetics of the accessible office/house. Our team set up the best professional inside designers, with-in depth expertise and knowledge of theirs. We offer a skilled architect who creates a splendid architectural design according to the client’s aspirations and requirements.

We assure you, with the help of the above design ideas, you can set up a more comfortable, appealing and stylish office on your own.

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