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E - Vastu
Message by Shri Vikash Bhura, Vastu Shastra is not an over the counter medicine (OTC). One should never practice it by reading few articles or books as it can have negative effects and one might also end-up spending a huge amount of money on the building.
Like a human body, every house/office is a different study, hence it requires an expert to analyse it. Vastu Consultants are the doctors of buildings.
Shri Vikash Bhura provides her expertise Vastu services to all type of clientele both nationally and internationally which not only include Vastu consultations but Vastu education and Vastu teaching. Our Vastu services doesn’t confine to only site visit but rather its stretched and is available to all people in the field of Vastu teaching and Education. We provide teaching services in different institutes around the city and education is again a vast field which we going to discuss below:
Vastu site consultation
During Vastu consultation our Expert provides necessary details pertaining to site, plot, soil etc. with full scrutiny and examination. The projects which we have been tackling till now include all organizations for instance hotels, restaurants, schools, corporate, residences and offices etc. The expertise of Shri Vikash Bhura amazes everybody with the results because in the past 9 years she has been providing this service with full dedication without any profit motive.

Site consultation involves site visit, analyzing typography, soil testing, examining directions and environment. The benefits of onsite consultation are exclusively for owner and architects who can interact deeply about their plot and defects in order to get maximum advantage.
Vastu off site consultation
Vastu off site consultation is again a thorough consultation where people send their reports including the site map of plot with marked directions online for consulting further. The concerned person can further contact for details or discrepancies in the report sent via mail or phone.

Off site consultation is apt for everybody staying in India or abroad however local people can be more benefited with this service as they can contact anytime with convenience. People residing out of the town or abroad need not to feel skeptic or worried as they will too receive full thorough report via mail or if possible they can meet personally to discuss the matter in detail. Their regard will be respected in every way.
Vastu online consultation
Vastu via online is another part of consultation ideal for people having access to internet application which gives people living far flung areas and especially internationally an exclusive opportunity to stay in touch with expert for any detail. Clients usually send their site maps via email and after a detail study our expert either contacts the concerned person online if there is any discrepancy or query. The last stage includes a deep Vastu detailed report which is sent to the client with marked directions and implication of remedies in the plot.
E – reports
E-reports are sent through e-mail for easy accessibility which also saves time and money. Vastu report is a detailed explanatory account of your site which is prepared after a deep analysis of data, you have submitted to us. We provide e-reports to all our clients either they consult us through site consultation, offsite consultation or online consultation. Our complete Vastu consultations includes :

Vastu advice for the selection of the plot Vastu advice for the construction detail Vastu advice for the renovation of the building Residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu, Industrial vastu, Spiritual Vastu, Interior designing by VastuShastra, VastuDosh and remedies Vastu for multistorey buildings OnlineVastu. Vastu services through plan of the area Vastu services through supervision Vastu advice for landscaping

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